Monday, April 12, 2010

Ready for SPRING!

We have had a busy start to our SPRING ... but, we would not have it any other way! Sorry for the long post.

Morgan and Drew had a wonderful time at her JrK Easter Egg Hunt at Dutch Gardens. Amy and Bos were so nice to "let" Drew hunt eggs too!
Here is Morgan with some of her friends (and Drew) from her class! We can't believe Kindergarten is only 6 WEEKS AWAY! Where has the year gone?

They each had to find 22 eggs with their names on them. We came home with 11 because Morgan said she was helping everybody else find theirs ... that is a sweet reason not to have all of your eggs!

Then, on Friday, we headed to Memphis to the Zoo. It was a perfect (quiet and not busy) day! This was the first time both children could enjoy it! Drew and Julie met us down there and surprised Morgan and Drew with a basket FULL of Easter goodies! So sweet ...

Saturday before Easter is the Annual Wilhite Egg Hunt. We are so excited to be part of this great family. They are always so sweet to invite us to join them whenever they have a family function. As usual, we had a GREAT TIME!!

We got these boots to wear at the Wilhite Egg Hunt but it ended up not being muddy. Drew LOVES his "fugg" boots! He has even slept in them! Pick your battles ...

Then, FINALLY, the Easter Bunny CAME!!
This is the only picture I could get with Morgan and Drew looking and smiling at the camera (notice Rosetta, the fairy, had to join in). Drew has on Adam's shirt he wore when he was little.

AND ... we are making progress on the new house!! We are so excited! Morgan and Drew are LOVING playing in all the sand and dirt in the backyard. It is a little child's piece of heaven ... if they like the dirt like ours do!


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Courtney and Jason G. said...

love the long post!!!

And the easter pics- I cant believe how "little boy" drew is looking...
it really goes by fast huh?