Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Fourteen, yes 14, years ago I was excited to annouce ... "I'm engaged"! I am so happy my best friend asked me to marry him at my little apartment in Germantown. It has been a wonderful journey!
Today, on the other hand, our house is excited to see cupcakes, cookies, brownies and ICING! Morgan and I cooked while Drew napped. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Buck brought us Valentine cookies shaped like hearts and Lightning McQueen! They were so good!
Drew found the icing ... here is the proof!

Don't think Morgan didn't get her fairshare of "sweets" ....

Of course, she had someone else wanting a little bite .... MADDIE!!

We hope your Valentines was as SWEET as ours!

So glad Adam popped the quesiton and I said "YES" 14 years ago!