Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Morgan's First DATE

Morgan had her first "date" this past weekend ... with her Daddy! It was the Daddy Daughter Dance at school. They started the night by eating dinner at Dumplin's (she said,"I even ate dumplins!"). They met 8 of her friends and their dads! Then they all headed to the dance. It was given by the 11th grade class at the High School. The High School boys escorted her in.... where they even had a coat check. Her words exactly ... "They had a real, alive Cinderella and a man gave me a rose! And it was pink!"
She and Adam danced, socialized and had a few snacks. They were home by 8:30 and WORN OUT! What a great night! Don't you wish you could have been a fly on the wall?
Enjoy the pictures!
This is Morgan and her "first" prince practicing how to dance!
Putting on her makeup ...

Uncle Buck and Aunt Sarah came and brought her some

And here is the cute couple ...

What a great night!

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