Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

The New Year is here and we can't believe it! Where did 2009 go? What a year we had (and every bit of it was great)! We hope 2010 will be just as wonderful!
We did start the new year out with a bang ... literally! Drew was sitting in his booster seat at the kitchen table when he decided to lean. The problem was ... it wasn't attached to the chair. So, he fell with a BANG! His first black eye! This picture was taken a couple days after so his swelling had gone down a bit.

Then we had our first "snow" and Morgan was out for a SNOW DAY! The disappointing part was that it was only a dusting! Not really much snow! But, she loved it. (She is now loving that our pool is frozen around the edges.)
Here is a picture or Morgan and Drew eating their "breakfast"! What better for breakfast than snow creme and animals crackers. Notice Lightning McQueen is enjoying the snow as well!

Morgan wanted to show HOW MUCH snow she got! ;)

Enjoy the SNOW!

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