Saturday, September 12, 2009

Morgan's first soccer game!

Today was Morgan's first soccer game and she did good! It was tough being her first game EVER ... they have so many rules they have to learn! We are so proud of her!
This picture was after the game!! Way to go Morgan!!
This was her first time to kick the ball into the game!!

Stella, Morgan and Madeline after the game!

Mimi, Stella and Morgan (before the game)!

Drew even played a little soccer on the sideline!

Way to go team "Wolves" you did great (and won the game ... although they don't take score!)

By the way, Adam and I started dating 17 years ago today ... September 12, 1992!
Love you Adam ... xoxoxo!

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MrsLFC said...

17 years ago!? Wow! What a fun anniversary!

Cute, cute pictures from the soccer game. I'm catching up on your blog, so I'm sure I'll post about 20 comments on all the postings I've missed in the past month.

Hope y'all are well. Love you, Abby