Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zoo Day!!

Caitlin and Laura invited us to go the Memphis Zoo Saturday morning and we are so glad they did ...

We all were so excited to be there! It was a beautiful day!

We first have to show the reason why we love the zoo so much ... the MEERCATS! They are our favorite. Morgan even told them "Smile, Meercats, Smile"!

The gorilla was at the window when we visited him. Caitlin is yelling "SHOOO" and Morgan is holding her nose. (They did have a great zoo smell!) Drew loved getting so close.

If you look close, you can see the hippos taking a nap at the children's feet!

This was the first time Drew was able to enjoy the zoo (and really see the animals). He was even able to get out and walk around a little.

This was right before the sealion show. We love Chloe BECAUSE "She recycles" (Morgan says)!! During the show, Chloe (the femaile sealion) threw some trash in the recycling bin and Morgan thought that was neat --- it was pretty impressive for a 200lb sealion.

Thanks Caitlin for inviting us!! We had a great time ... although we were stuck on the interstate coming home ... 2 miles in 50 minutes --- whew!! We were glad to be home!

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