Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg HUNTS (& birthdays) ...

I say "hunts and birthdays" because it was a weekend FULL of Easter Egg Hunting and Birthdays!!

The first one was at Morgan's Playschool. I was able to watch her in her "world" at school. Here she and all her friends are singing Spring songs. This one is Little Bunny FooFoo!

Drew loved being a BIG BOY at school too!

And the hunting begins....

We also had a BOLIVAR hunt!! This hunt has been going on for years. It is at a historic graveyard (yes, graveyard) they open just for the Wilhite family every year. It is the neatest hunt!! The brothers (Sarah's dad and uncles) hide the eggs for the children. The GREEN EGGS have the special prizes in them ... MONEY!! So, Morgan wanted the green and pink eggs!! Drew just wanted the candy out of all of them!

Enjoying the candy ...

The hunters ... (Sarah's siblings, cousins, husband, AND neice and nephew)
We were even lucky enough to find some baby robins ...

We had a great time ... Morgan fell asleep writing on her Leapster on the way home!

Madeline's 5th Birthday party (and another hunt)!! We had a great time as usual spending time with friends!

Morgan, Stella and Madeline

And, another hunt ... at Meme's and PepaBobs

Drew has decided that he LOVES eggs!!

Sorry for ALL the pictures ... our weekend was filled with birthdays, egg hunts and ALOT of fun with friends and family! We hope you had a HAPPY EASTER like we did!!

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

GREAT pictures! Morgan's outfit is precious.