Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Sister ... Little Brother

I was FINALLY able to get Morgan and Drew smiling in their Big Sister and Big Brother t-shirts. I always think they are so cute when they wear these matching little outfits. I got Drew dressed for bed and Morgan wanted the exact same "jammies". So, after baths, washing hair and brushing their teeth, they "posed" for a quick picture (or two or three).


Laura said...

Hi Ginger,
The kids look so cute! Who do you get to cut Drew's hair? Beckett needs his hair cut bad. He is starting to look like a little girl! I don't know where to go around here. Thanks, Laura

Julia and Gracie said...

Love the jammies! Where did you get them. Julia and Gracie would look SO cute in the big sis/lis sis ones! Your children look so adorable in them!