Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween has started ...

Saturday night we took Morgan (our little poodle) and Drew (our little golden retriever) to the Zoo Boo in Memphis.
We are so glad we took them. They had a great time...

Pops and Honey took them to the
Church Octoberfest on Sunday night.
It sounded like all four of them had a wonderful time!

Morgan named herself "Eclair" like the french poodle on Strawberry Shortcake. She named Drew "Cupcake" like the little dog on Strawberry Shortcake and HER VERY OWN CUPCAKE (we all know and love)!!

More Halloween pictures to come ...
Adam and I still have 1 more party at the Scott's -- and Morgan's Playschool party, the Campbell's party and Trick-or-Treating!!

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