Sunday, May 4, 2008

Early Mother's Day...

Since the two children have been "under the weather" for the past week, we decided to take a road trip Saturday morning. We headed to the Memphis Zoo! It was the PERFECT day to go. We got there early (before the crowds) and all the animals were active. The only disappointing thing was the polar bears. They were taking a nap the entire time we watched them. So we didn't get to see them swim. The sea lions, on the other hand, were very active! They were so much fun to watch.

Morgan said she wanted to go to the zoo to see the giraffes and ride the train. She got both of her wishes. Drew had a great time too. He was such a good sport. He is getting to be a big boy. He was able to ride "sitting up" all day!

I have to say this was the BEST early Mother's Day gift ... a beautiful day spent with my husband, daughter and son.



Courtney and Jason G. said...

Morgan and I are so alike. I love the giraffes!

MrsLFC said...

Absolutely precious! I'm glad you got to spend such a nice day with your family! That certainly is a wonderful gift.

Happy Mother's Day to you and love to your family, Abby